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Hi, I'm Akshay Kaushik.

Passionate web developer fueled by curiosity and driven to create exceptional user-centric solutions using Python, JavaScript, Django, Next.JS and cutting-edge technologies.

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I'm a dedicated software developer with a passion for web development and data management. I have a strong background in Python, Django, and Next.js, and have used these skills to build several successful websites, including a biography encyclopedia and an entertainment blog. My expertise also extends to performance optimization, where I use tools like Gtmetrix and PageSpeed Insights to enhance website loading times. I have a knack for problem-solving, as demonstrated by my innovative use of multiple proxies to bypass IP throttling during data scraping. I'm proficient in using Git for version control and have experience with TailwindCss and raw CSS for frontend design.


#Python #JavaScript #Django #Next.js #DigitalOcean #TailwindCSS #HTML #CSS #KAFKA



AkshayAI - A Text to Audio Converter

- Created Django Fullstack application - Configured Stripe Payment - Google OAuth Authentication - backend API

Django Stripe Django Rest Framework DigitalOcean

GreatPeopleBios - A Biography Encyclopedia

- Scrapped Multiple websites from the Internet Using Beautifulsoup - Stored and cleaned this scraped data - Built a robust NextJs frontend to showcase the data as articles - Customized backend for editing

Django NextJS Django Rest Framework Cloudflare

Castalkie - Upcoming Anime, TV Shows, Movies, Release Dates

-Developed a robust Entertainment news website using WordPress
-Optimized for highest speed possible for a WordPress site using Cache and CDNs -Optimized performance, resulting in more than 4 millions visits annually

WordPress Caching Cloudflare